'Sorry For Partying' [2011]

by The Losing Streak

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This is The Losing Streak's debut release, recorded in October 2011.

The Losing Streak has too many Seans:

Sammy Giglio IV - Vocals
Sean Duckett - Guitar/Vocals
Sean Sisco - Drums
Curtis Case - Bass/Vocals


released November 6, 2011


All songs written by Sean Duckett & The Losing Streak. Tracks 2-8 recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ryan Deshotel. Tracks 1, 9, and 10 recorded and mixed by Sean Duckett. Album art designed by Chris "Uncle Louie" Ryan.

For booking or any other questions or inquiries, please email Sean Duckett at:

or go to our Facebook page:





The Losing Streak New Orleans, Louisiana

The Losing Streak is a pop-punk/emo quartet from New Orleans, LA. We're trying to make you dance, so do it.

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Track Name: Intro [I'm A Lush]
i won't play my games
since you up and left
(i built this hell for two)
Track Name: Cloak & Dagger
we lay and stare up @ the stars
orion's not the only one who
knows you're lying to me tonight
i know exactly how this ends:
faking sentimental to resolve some stupid fight again

and when you wake up alone
(and when you wake up all alone)
i hope you realize that nothing ever works out right
love's just another dumb charade
(it's just another dumb charade)
but it's the best way that i know,
know how to get laid

i lay and stare at my ceiling
im drowning myself in another bottle tonight
i know exactly how this ends:
another a.m. headache, reeling from the words i said
Track Name: Doldrums
stuck in the doldrums, same that sinking feeling
my second wind will never come
where there's a will, there's a way
ive heard many a soul say, but i'm just not sure anymore

im stuck without a will, and i have lost my way
and thru these liar's teeth i say
the words that i could not before
the one i really owe to you:

still stuck in the doldrums, same sinking feeling
my second wind is not coming
where theres a will theres a way
ive heard many a soul say, but im just not sure anymore

so i left with a thought in my head
of all those words i never said
one of them was, surely it was
sorry i never said goodbye
Track Name: Two Of A Kind
you've got the tables turned all the way around
we've got to make a compromise and find find some common ground
i never planned on falling apart, not on a night like this
but youre so cold and toxic, like your poisonous kiss

i found a way that we can stay happily together
but i know in my mind, that nothing good can last forever
so go on and walk on home, like it will ease your mind
i know you realize that you and i are two of a kind

i have these memories of all our time spent getting lost
i know they meant something to you despite the cost
you say you don't care, you act all tough,
but i'm willing to call your bluff;
we had something special going on all those years ago
Track Name: Good Grief...
this room is a backdrop for bloodloss
you've got a cigarette pressed between your lips
you're sitting next to me
but your vacant stare says you're a million miles away
this will be another night to stumble the fuck back home

i've lost everything: my soul, my love, my life, everything.
i try and pass the time, but i feel too much for the radio
bumming smokes, what a fucking joke
i've watched my life pass on by
this will be another night to remember to forget.

we were this dying breed
just look at how fast we bled out
these days we're all piss and vinegar and greed
used to be so sure, but now im full of doubt
about this, about that, about everything
well good fucking grief

we used to be this dying breed,
good fucking grief
Track Name: The Jeanne Song
you have a boyfriend with a funny haircut
he's just getting in my way
i shouldn't follow you up the stairs, but
you know you make me wanna say

let's get it on, let's hit it out of the park
ain't really a good reason why
we shouldn't poke around in the dark
just tell your boyfriend he has to die

you had a boyfriend with a funny haircut
until i cut off his head
he would say that all of this was so wrong, but
now he's fucking dead

jeanne i wanna f$%# you
right in the a#@
i'm gonna take you back to school
straight to sex-ed class.

(yeah i went there)
Track Name: Lucky Stars
i said our last rites over a bonfire tonight
i revelled in the smoky scent, of burning photographs and letters sent
i want you to be the one that i forget, and wash my hands of this regret
let's never do this again

i want to feel like i did before, as if i'd never seen your face
but these eyes have seen too much to forget or to replace
i've got to feel like i did, back when i was young
well its been real and its been fun, but now we're done

thank my lucky stars its over
thank my lucky stars its done
thank my lucky stars its over
thank my lucky stars youre gone

i'll always remember to forget all those times that we spent
and how they and you meant absolutely nothing to me
ive got to do things my own way, and i dont care what you say:
i'm never doing this again
Track Name: A Liter A Day
it's 9 am getting kicked in the head
gotta walk to the store, get some taaka in my hand
got no reason to do nothing else
no cash in my pocket, my life's on the shelf
gotta find a way to keep the shakes away
got a $10 in my pocket, inadequate pay
don't try and take my fucking bottle from me
i'll pull this blade right in your face (right on yer face)

gotta bottle of taaka, not sure what i'm gonna do with it
but i know that i'm gonna fuck you. (gonna fuck you)
then i'm gonna duck off, into the night
thinking about her (thinking bout her)
gotta bottle of taaka in both hands

all the drink is gone, still thinkin about her
and those wonderful times that were all a blur
i could have fixed shit, but i forgot the words
now i'm sitting on my couch, thinking like a coward
i'm a fucking coward (coward)
sean's a fucking coward (coward)
we're all fucking cowards.

well, you asked me what i want....... well...
it's taaka, sir!
Track Name: The Highrise In Flames
i don't think i'll ever get to sleep again
forever waiting up on and on and on
i'm not sure i can put my head to rest
mind enthralled by the light in the hall

24 hours aint what it used to be
good old days are gone, gone, gone
i tore them apart with my own two hands
cast myself in the role of the ruiner

i'm scared
i don't think like other people do
i'm far from impressed
just sad, with eyes only for you

ruining everything that crosses my path
but the hours still pass, the minutes just crawl
time has a knack for stealing the last laugh
burn every bridge behind me;
time catches up, time always wins